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Zhejiang business factory multilateral fund as alternative project agreement is signed

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Signed commercial machinery factory in zhejiang and the national environmental protection R32 replace R22 piston refrigeration compressor project (multilateral fund as replacement project) agreement. This mark is zhejiang commercial machinery factory to declare the multilateral fund as alternative project formally approved by the United Nations environment programme (unep) and the ministry of environmental protection, and received the United Nations Montreal multilateral fund $1.6 million.
To accelerate the construction of ecological civilization construction, adhere to the basic state policy of resource conservation and environmental protection, in recent years, zhejiang business vocational college increased support for school-run enterprises in zhejiang province commercial machinery factory, based on provincial key professional air conditioning engineering technology professional, will be the central financial support, the enthalpy difference method in practice base of air-conditioning equipment performance in zhejiang business training room construction machinery factory, and deepening the reform of work-integrated learning personnel training mode, improve the level of technical testing of the plant and environmental performance of the product. In 2002, zhejiang commercial machinery factory won the United Nations environment programme and the approval of the state environmental protection administration (now the national environmental protection) by the United Nations "ODS" $1.71 million project funded by the world bank, "ODS" renovation project has been successfully renovation (refrigeration compressor and upgrading), and for the world bank experts at the United Nations the assessment team all consistent high praise, known as China's "ODS" renovation project implementation model. At present, the zhejiang business machinery factory has become one of the largest semi-closed refrigeration compressor production enterprise, product sales in the country are among the best in the industry.
The R32 replace R22 piston type refrigeration compressor after implementing the project of zhejiang R32 shall apply to commercial machinery factory will build a environment-friendly refrigerant of small and medium-sized piston type refrigeration compressor production line and form batch production ability, cut HCFCs in indirect material 125.1 tons, obsolete such products, the destruction of the ozone layer material and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, to protect the common human survival environment has positive significance.

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