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Combined cold storage eight simple maintenance of common sense (share)

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We're bound to appear in the process of using cold storage of small fault, if they will be a little simple troubleshooting, you can in the shortest possible time troubleshooting, will reduce the loss.
1, cold storage equipment operating units: early often should observe the oil level and oil return of compressor and the purity of the oil, found that the oil level of oil dirty or decline to solve in time, lest cause poor lubrication.
2, combined cold storage refrigeration or refrigeration effect is poor. Check whether dirty on refrigerator condenser. Check whether the rolls on the evaporator frost deposit too thick. Check whether the refrigerant leakage (coated with soap and water in the pipe joints, there are air bubbles generated refrigerant leakage). And please combination cold storage engineering researchers add refrigerant and to deal with the leaks. Check whether the combination of refrigerator door seal is in good condition and eliminate it. Check whether the combination of cold storage refrigerator is work. Check the refrigerator computer controller parameter setting is correct and recompose the refrigerator door installation. Check whether the refrigerator controller is failure and replacement. Check whether the rolls stacked items have enough clearance and dredging.
3, often observe the heart of the cold storage equipment compressor running state, check the exhaust temperature, the change garments according to the runtime, to pay special attention to the running state of the system, adjust the system for fluid volume and condensing temperature.
4, combination refrigerator door start frequently or long time not start or boot don't stop for a long time or the temperature less than downtime. A, to check whether there is dirt on the condenser, heat dissipation is bad can lead to chiller condensing pressure is too high, in order to protect the compressor, the pressure to stop the machine works under the action of the controller, wait for the good heat dissipation, according to A press on the black hand controller reset button, the machine can operate automatic recovery. B, the controller parameter setting is wrong, can be reset. 2 C, cooling is not good, please refer to the malfunction. D, temperature control failure. E, electrical appliances.
5, at ordinary times should be by observing the change of the instrument, listen to the voice of the machine, touch machine, such as temperature change method to observe the running condition of compressor. Found that mixes up the phenomenon such as compressor shall promptly repair or replacement.
6, the rolls light not bright. Please check whether the switch is failure, the light bulb is damaged. Check to truncate the supply, installation of chimney when must pay attention to the waterproof lamp.
7, combination refrigerator door closed is not tight, please adjust the library door hinges and locks and the spacing between body of library.
8, we should implement a regular maintenance and daily maintenance, keep the compressor running efficiency.

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