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  Zhejiang Commercial Machinery Factory is specialized in designing and manufacturing of variety refrigerant compressor, condensing unit and various low-temperature multi-over-lapping units, cold-water unit, vessel unit, integrated- refrigerator etc cold storage equipments.
Founded in 1970 and occupied 26 unit of area in Hangzhou City, the enterprise was one modern garden-type factory site with 20-thousand M2 standardization workshops and 35% green areas. Which is one of the biggest semi-hermetically sealed refrigerant compressor manufactures, the product sale amout occupied one of the top in the industry of domestic market. Our products are sold all over the countries and exported to EU, South-east Asia etc.
The enterprise was authorized by U.N. Environment Bureau and State Environment Protection Administration and granted by U.N "ODS" program to implement "ODS" reform project successfully (regeneration of refrigerant compressor ), which got good comments of the experts group of World Bank,State Environment Protection Administration honored as the model of domestic "ODS" reform project.
The company has been devoted to refrigerator equipment's R&D, manufacture for 40-odd years. The main products are semi-hermetically sealed refrigerant compressor, refrigerator-compressor, cold-water unit, low-temperature multi-folded units, cold-water unit, vessel unit, The enterprise introduced advanced semi-hermetically sealed refrigerant compressor technique and processing overseas for times , the main parts adopted "CINCINNATI" manufactured CNC processing center of USA, "Fadal-CNC" processing center of USA, NC machinery tool processing. Which adopted three-coordinate CNC manufactured by USA "Gi. ddings Lewis" ; the ex-work products all be inspected by computer CNC function inspection equipment strictly according to international requirement. In order to guarantee all the products with high-efficiency, economic and steady function, long-using period etc characters.
The factory has science QC system and passed international ISO9001-2000 quality management system certificate, the semi-hermetically sealed compressor product passed national CCC-compulsive certificate and semi-hermetically sealed refrigerant compressor, condensing unit, cold-water unit nation manufacture license check & accept, gained the highest authority-certificate CRAA in the refrigeration industry.

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